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Craigslist Champs -5 June 2017 | F169BBS

  • Craigslist Champs -5 June 2017

    • Posted 06/05/2017 02:10 PM - Hide
    • Tough shit, you stupid twat. Shouldn't have run up so much debt for useless shit. Why do you think anyone else should have to subsidize your previous profligacy? Believe she will need to "help" for a place.

      seeking extremely cheap living situation 25F

      I am a college graduate who has a decent salary in tech. Thing is, I am drowning in debt. I am seeking a arrangement where I can contribute possible weekend work and $150 (to pay for a daily shower and 1-2 weekly loads of laundry) for a safe place to sleep. My pocessions are limited to a suitcase and I am not picky and will sleep on a basement floor if I have to. I can provide my own food, toiletries ect in addition to the $150.
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    • Re: Craigslist Champs -5 June 2017
      Posted 06/05/2017 02:13 PM - Hide
    • A tough situation. She could contact the Salvation Army.

      Can you help us? (santa cruz)

      So I have been looking for a room to rent here in Santa Cruz and I have been unsuccessful at finding one and you want to know why? Its not because I don't have a job or because I don't make enough money, quite the contrary, I do have a job and I do make enough money...I've actually been turned down because I have an 8 year old son!! Just because my son and I are together, nobody will rent a room to be because they say "there's not enough room". Well thanks for determining the amount of space my son and I need to live in, the streets definitely provide us with more space than we know what to do with. My son and I are very close and have shared small space before so sharing a room is definitely something we desire. Plus it beats being homeless!! Here's our situation.. I am just getting out of a bad marriage so my son and I need a place to go, a place to call home, a roof over our heads. The rent in Santa Cruz is outrageous so for us to live comfortably we need to find a safe room to rent because I do not make enough money to rent a whole house. My marriage was miserable and abusive and I need to relocate our belongings asap. I've called the shelters and they are full. I have really good employment making decent money. My son will be attending a summer program so between him being there and me being at work, we wouldn't be home all the time. We are pretty private people just needing a break in life so if you can help please respond to this ad. Maybe you have an extra room you are renting or maybe you know someone that does, if so please respond to this ad. The clock is ticking and we are coming to the end of our hotel stay so please network with the people you know to help us find a room to rent. Thank you for reading this ad and I ray that maybe, just maybe, the right person will read it and will be able to help.
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    • Re: Craigslist Champs -5 June 2017
      Posted 06/05/2017 02:16 PM : Edited 06/05/2017 02:20 PM - Hide
    • Yeah, right, good luck on that.

      $600 / 1214ft2 - can you help us with a new home? (vallejo / benicia)

      Woof woof. My mom and I are in need of a new home.
      Hellooooooo there and thank you for taking time out of our day to read about use. I am a small well behaved , I am a quiet and mellow female pug mix My mom is....well I'll let her take over from here. Hi there, my name is Deborah and I'm only looking for spacious room pretty much anywhere in Vallejo. I can afford something between $400.00 to no more than $600.00 this must include all utilities, ( which would be rent,cable, wifi, water-garbage, etc.) Things in your home like access to a washer/dryer,and use of the kitchen would be helpful.
      A little about me...I am a mature, quiet and responsilable 60 year old female. I have a reliable income, ibce I find a good fit, you can count on me sticking march around. ( Why change anything when you have got a good thing right?) So yes,I am looking for a long term agreement renting from month to month.
      I'm not Why to helping out with the household chores.I don't have much company except for someone who's picking me up to go somewhere. ( see I don't own a car) I like getting to know my roommates but I wait for a time that's best for us all (eg not when you just get home from work) I keep myself busy with doing crafts, watching tv or Netflix, talking with friends and on the internet on my phone.
      Heyjust I think you get to bored from me writing so much,I'll just tell you that if I've left something out, please email me with any questions you may have or if you think we might be a good fit for your home, tell me a little about at my email add thanks again for stopping by. Have a great day
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    • Re: Craigslist Champs -5 June 2017
      Posted 06/05/2017 02:19 PM - Hide
    • I think they are up shit creek. Any landlord that reads this will avoid these people like the plague.

      $900 Disabled couple Looking for 1 bd that will accept our service dogs (Manteca/Lathrop)

      Hi, My Husband and I are currently renting a home that is too big for us and expensive, we can't pretty soon will be homeless because our rent and deposit we up. And we lived here for 7 yrs with no problems. The landlord got sick and hired a mgt company that took over, then our home flooded from an install of a poorly job, before that had happen we had to leave out of state for an family emergency. As we do have renter's insurance always carry it. I have MS and my husband is gulf war Veteran and it seems they don't care about us what we go through. We take of our rent never been evicted or late on rent. We have good references, we have 2 ESA dog which are not pets and are not huge. They are Emotional support dogs but considered service dogs. I have IDS and Doctors Letters to prove why we need them. We do have an older dog who is 14 yrs which is a pet. But she is good and all dogs are trained. We need a break. We need a place to call home. Where we live now, we feel uncomfortable, they remodeled it because of the water damage that was done , and the new landlord refused for us to have our foster son live with us, who was helping us, since he was a nurse, and he was family. We were treated unfairly and I hope someone can help us with a rental with a reasonable price per month. and give us some time to come up with deposit since we will have to wait for our to be returned. We sold all of our belonging to save money. If you have something please respond to this. so I can give 30 day notice to the landlord that is giving us grief... I pray for our original landlord they took advantage of her, she was sick and they took over, all they cared about is the money and us signing a new rental contract which we are monthly. So we can leave If a lawyer is reading this contact us.
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    • Re: Craigslist Champs -5 June 2017
      Posted 06/05/2017 02:21 PM - Hide
    • Why do these people insist on staying in California? There are plenty of cheap trailer parks in flyoverville that are right in their price range.
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    • Re: Craigslist Champs -5 June 2017
      Posted 06/05/2017 02:25 PM - Hide
    • I'll pass.

      $450 Housing in Isla Vista Co-op (Isla Vista)

      6651 Abrego Rd. Isla Vista

      This short documentary will give you a good idea of what our home is about:

      Please give it a watch before inquiring/read the post in its entirety :)

      We are a collective of like-minded individuals living together in a co-operative household to create friendships and bonds with each other, the frame of the collective ensures an environment where cost of living is low and quality of life is high. We attempt to create a community of openness and acceptance, where everyone may be welcome and where every voice may be heard. In this community, which we will often refer to as a family, we try to honor the autonomy and individuality of each house member and foster this freedom to explore one's self and identity, without the judgment or criticism of others, as long as this does not impede upon someone else's safety and comfort.

      This is not a house to seek out simply because it is affordable. We want people that are legitimately excited to live in communal housing.

      We have one spot opening in a mid-June we will be as flexible as possible, and could possibly accommodate a shortish stay. There is a refundable 583 deposit, rent is 450 a month for a spacious triple, and we all pay $125 a month to pay for unlimited kitchen food access and all utilities and internet.

      House Membership Requirements.
      Must meet requirements before being voted in. These are usually discussed during the interview process.
      Financial: Rent, Deposit (refundable $583) + House Fees ($125) each house member is required to pay first months rent ($450) room

      Rent depends on the cost of the room divided by the number of people living in it.
      House fees are a flat rate of 125$ which includes food, utility bills and toiletries (tp, dishsoap, laundry soap, sponges, lightbulbs etc).
      Fees may fluctuate depending on time spent in the house.
      Ex: I'm out of town for 15 days, I would only pay Half the house fees. 125$/2=62.50$

      House members also must speak upon his/her financial stability. Full deposit and first month's rent are required upon move-in.

      ***Financial stability is a hard requirement to moving in. There is a $50 dollar late fee if rent is more than 3 days late.

      Functional: Chore System each house member is required to complete at least 2 hours of chore time per week and participate in chore holidays whenever they are scheduled.
      Assigned chores are prioritized, they are necessary to the functionality of the house and must be completed before other chores, you will need to sign up for a weekly assigned chore. These may include: Kitchen cooking, Kitchen cleaning, Food shopping, Bathrooms

      Chore holidays get scheduled during House Meetings; these are when the whole house gets together to clean and do small projects around the house. Chore holidays must be made up if missed. But donuts and mimosas!!
      Ex: the whole house gets cleaned and we: switch up all the furniture and appliances, throw away all the excess everything/donate stuff to free box, etc

      Civil: House Meetings each house member is required to attend and participate in 2 House Meetings a month. These are held to foster and maintain cooperative relations amongst each other and to communally decide how best to run the house so we are all happy, healthy, safe and financially unburdened.
      Attendance is Mandatory, every other Sunday 8PM. Or whenever required for situations that require immediate and collective attention. Only work or travel excuses ones absence during these meetings, additional chore time will be given to those with unexcused absences.

      Social: Safe Space each house member is required to be chill as fuck. Must be comfortable with diverse backgrounds: racial, ethnic, sexually-orientated, hyphy and shy. Must be comfortable with nudity, sexuality, open sexuality and sometimes public sex.
      A Safe Space doesn't mean it's always safe and there will never be anything that you see or hear that you disagree with- Safe means you are welcome to have open discussions about your honest opinions and feelings and not feel targeted for expressing them.
      To have open, clear and comfortable relationships with each other we should be able to have direct conversations with housemates concerning our issues and feel like our voices are heard. Quiet housemates have the same voice and the same vote as more vocal housemates, seniority counts for nothing. Interpersonal issues should be dealt with directly and discreetly.

      Chore penalties are assigned for not completing chore time. Penalties in forms of more chore time and/or chore fees.

      Each exiting housemate needs to do the best he/she can to replace himself/herself upon departure so there are no gaps in Rent that remaining housemates must pay for.
      Leaving without notice puts the house under unnecessary financial strain and the money to cover these gaps usually comes out of the food budget. Aka when you leave the house in a state where it needs to cover and make up for your loss you are taking food out of the mouths of people who are still at the house and who must end up paying for your discourtesy.
      Each exiting housemate needs to do the best he/she can to vacate the room on time and leave it clean for the next entering housemate.

      Quiet Hours Sunday - Thursday: 11PM-9AM , Friday - Saturday 2AM-10AM. Exceptions to this rule must be voted on during a house meeting or by a small council.

      Ex: When throwing a party you Must request to extend quiet hours during a house meeting and find people to do the min amount of after party chore cleaning

      If you are asked to be quiet after quiet hours. Lower down the Volume or move into a different space of the faux op. The rule is in place to respect and protect house members, someone working at 6AM or with an AM final the next day should be able to sleep reasonably.

      If this sounds like a home you would be excited to take part in, please shoot me an email answering the following questions: THERE HAVE BEEN LOTS OF REPLIES, SO PLEASE COMPLETELY ANSWER ALL OF THE QUESTIONS IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE CONSIDERED, WE CHOOSE TO INTERVIEW THE BEST REPLIES, if you reply without answering you will likely not get a response:

      Who are you? (are you going to school/working/hobbies/activities/special interests)

      How will be paying rent? (where do work/ how often do you work/ do you have parental support/ student loans/ credit to pay rent)

      How do you feel about living with different sexual orientations/races? (how would you feel seeing two men make-out near you/how do you feel about using language like "that's fucking gay"/f***ot/the N-word)

      What makes you interested in living in the faux-op?

      When would you like to move in and for how long? (We have a spot opening in mid-June, and one at the end of June, we will be as flexible as possible, and could possibly accommodate a shortish stay)

      While not necessary, if you feel so obliged you may send the link to any social media accounts, IG, FB LinkedIn to give us a better picture of who you are. Totally okay if you are not comfortable doing so at this time.

      Thanks for taking the time to review this post.

      Much Love,
      The Faux-Op

      By the way, sorry but no pets we have housemates with allergies :(
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    • Re: Craigslist Champs -5 June 2017
      Posted 06/05/2017 02:28 PM - Hide
    • Yeah, I can see why she is now looking for another place.


      Hi my name Is Charmaine and again i am looking for ROOM TO RENT I have rented 3 rooms since coming out here from Vegas last July. Why because people are worried and scare I understand for opening there home to strangers but they want to over charge and me being a women men want to take advantage of my sisuration and think i should have sex with them or not allow my boyfriend or grandson visit.
      Look I am a nice good decent women just trying to make it in this world and not trying to take or do wrong to anyone and find a safe decent affordable place to live.
      I have a full time job plus I work doing extra work and will be getting my own business soon.Yes I smoke ciggerates but I dont or have smoked in the house and people always tell me I never smell of smoke. i am very very conceriate of my smoking and other people
      I like to have my very sucessful boyfriend vist me once twice a week not to live there or hangout he has his own house and works alot and doesnt need to hang or freeload at any ones house.
      And the Inportant thing Is my grandson who I love more then anyone he Is 27 months Beauitful ,smart,funny,amazing,and loves me more then anyone. Is mother Is having a tough time by herself trying to get somewhere as a single parent and needs me help to have him stay maybe one or two days or coming over for a couple hrs.

      THERE HAS TO BE SOMEBODY OUT THERE THAT CAN RELATE TO MY SITUATION AND IS NOT PERFECT AND CAN LIVE WITH THIS BAGGAGE. I AM 420 FRIENDLY I like to have a drink occaisionally but Im not into getting drunk or drugs.
      I am very clean and organize but i can live in a non perfect house I am a good cook and love to cook, i can do personal assitant work i am a professional garnder and can help you have a garden you always dream of I can help babysit do homework, errands.



      CHARMAINE 818-640-5646
      and my spelling sucks but thats not inportant right now i just want to get this posted
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    • Re: Craigslist Champs -5 June 2017
      Posted 06/05/2017 02:31 PM - Hide
    • She'll need to "help". Ad has pics. Not bad but she has the crazy eyes.

      $500 Girl SEARCHIG for a place STAT (Echo park, silverlake, ktown, etc)

      Hi. I need a place to call home asap either temporarily while i find something more fitting or if im lucky, something that just works out. Im looking for a private room doesnt matter how big/small, nice/not so nice, i dont have mch room to be picky here especially cuz im on such a budget. I can afford about $450-$500/month.

      I'm super easy to live with. "Artsy" type. Always crafting. I keep to myself, mostly, but im very socialable, confident & pretty upbeat when I need to be. I'm VERY respectful, down to earth, mellow & have common sense. I clean up after myself, I don't cook at all (i forget kitchens exist), & dont have much stuff.

      I do have a small dog. He is ACTUALLY serviced. A little jack russle wire-haired terrier mix. He's trained and def better behaved than most humans. He listens when anybody tells him a command. He's really good with cats-doesnt chase them. You'll see how amazing and easy to live with he is once we meet.

      Let me know if you have any questions & wish me luck!!!
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    • Re: Craigslist Champs -5 June 2017
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    • Good Lord. What a fucking mess. Ad has pics. Coalburner, her nigger, and their child.

      Family in need of a helping hand. (Long Beach)

      Hello, my name is Annmarie and my boyfriend's name is Aaron We have an 8 month old daughter and i also have a service dog. We were previously staying in a transitional housing trying to save up and get our own place but the director of the transitional house hadn't been paying the land lord for months and we find out when the sheriffs give us and 12 others a five day notice to vacate. So we have been displaced and staying in motels. We are both disabled. I receive SSI and we receive government assistance for our daughter. I know its a lot to even consider, a whole family, if so would u be willing to take myself and daughter? If just mom and daughter the price would have to be a lot lower just this month and I myself can pay up to 600 a month after that every first, I ask u to please consider my service dog, I love him like a son.But can do it as soon as tomorrow. Annmarie# (562)230-9677. Aaron#(414)940-3663. Our total monthly income for the month is 1472.00. Also, We enjoy making music, beats on tracks, its something we're both passionate about. Don't worry we use headphones so you won't hear it, unless you want to of course. My service animal Trooper,is a happy guy, 2 years old very obedient, i literally have no problems with him, he enjoys lots of walks, hugs, and kisses absolutely loves kids. I love working with my daughter's development throughout the day. We're always learning and having fun doing it. Our daughter Amaya is a happy 8 month old and her development is in the 12 to 14 month stage.we are very proud of her. Right now we can give a total of 600$ in cash for a rm to rent for this month but can pay 950 a month after that, as a whole family, that would have to include utilities. We thank everyone who reads this, if your reading this and know of anyone who can help please give us a call at either numbers above any time. Thank you
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    • Re: Craigslist Champs -5 June 2017
      Posted 06/05/2017 02:42 PM - Hide
    • They're up against it. But their post doesn't help them, either.

      Homeless couple looking for a hotel for today if possible (Laguna hills, ca)

      If u can spare a hotel room for me And my wife to clean up and shower please please please contact us we are just looking for a hotel we have been trying to get a room for one night but can't cuz no one will let us get a room cuz we are homeless which is kinda wrong please contact us if you can help us in any way god bless you
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    • Re: Craigslist Champs -5 June 2017
      Posted 06/05/2017 02:44 PM - Hide
    • This poor young lady is dreaming. The only way she will get what she is seeking is if she "helps". Ad has pic. Not bad.

      $600 Loving Filipina Nurse Live In Nanny or Caregiver (irvine)

      I am a 24 year old Filipino girl looking for a Nanny or Caregiver position in a home. I will exchange my services for room, board and small stipend (600-700). Worked as a registered nurse in the Phillipines and have experience watching children all day.Also I was a caregiver for my Auntie. Can provide references. Will be arriving in OC on June 7. Please reply to this ad if you are in need of my services. I will be happy to meet you and speak with you after my arrival. I have a fiancee so please don't email me looking for sexual arrangements.

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    • Re: Craigslist Champs -5 June 2017
      Posted 06/05/2017 03:57 PM - Hide
    • Good luck on that, Nick. In my opinion, the less coherently written the ad, the less coherent the person, as a rule.

      Male seeking new opportunities

      Please read:

      My name is nick and thisbis anfulll description as to what I'm looking for . Immnot putting my rocks in okennaakey so I am posting this in a few different areas . I'm 23 years old and I'm staying in Texas where I just finished up my first year of college . (Where I'm working towards a degree in mechanical engineering ). I been to California 3 times to visit and have always loved it . Despite the cost and the other cons I seem to like the pros of being there and how happy I am when I'm there . I am seeking to move to California . I don't have basically anything (not asking for money ). I would be seeking a place to stay as I line up employment as we speak . I am lining up work now . When would inneed thisbolace by ? July1st at the earliest or the 15th at the latest. I am a clean and professional fun friendly open minded guy who is out goinhband energetic. I have many trades I've learned through working construction landscaping and office jobs. What do I all have ? Clean clothes in a suitcase 2 pairs of shoes and my personal documents . I would say I am traveling lightly .how will I get there ? I will drive to California. I am working right now but I am getting killed with expensive rent from a guy I am living with. So it's hard to save up . If interested in talking by email or by text I'll leave my number but funny email when you reply so I can save time and not reply to any spam pleas respond in the subject box your city and your favorite color or musician band or movie . Thank you for reading have a great day .

      Sincerely nick !

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    • Re: Craigslist Champs -5 June 2017
      Posted 06/05/2017 04:06 PM - Hide
    • Bummer.

      Single mom, I need your help almost right away... anything you can do

      Ok apparently i need to preface this with I have my 7 year old kid with me so I'm NOT GOING TO BE A SEX SLAVE. I will find a way to pay you for rent!!

      I'll cut to the chase so you can either decide to keep reading or move on- I'm a single mom (i'm 34 if that is important lol), I have my 7 yr old every other week (this week included), and I need a place to stay for almost free because I'm about to become homeless. Quite the promising picture right? lol... I have court with my ex today to finally get him to pay child support so there is a light at the end of the tunnel it just isn't HERE yet. I'm pretty desperate to get a solid place so that I can tell the court I have a roof over my head... I do random jobs to make money (and I am working with a program called SAY San Diego which is helping me with jobs and getting me into a housing program for single parents but there is a 3 month wait) so I could pay you it just might not be much... I don't care if its the tiniest room on the planet! I have food stamps that get renewed on the 7th so I am more than happy to help out by providing groceries and I am a pretty damn good cook! My son goes to school in Kearny mesa/Serra mesa so it would be awesome to find a spot near there but beggars can't be choosers right? I'd be happy for a spot in a garage at this point, and believe it or not I don't take up much room, LITERALLY... if you email me I can explain more (I have a disability of sorts which makes me a bit smaller than most lol)... Even if you want to do something like let me stay for just a week... I just don't want to sleep in my truck tonight. all my possessions are packed in it (a twin mattress and a few suitcases, small TV and pillows). If I can just get a spot for a few days while I work on a new place to land. I know I'm asking for a ton of trust here, god only knows what kind of person I could be and here I am asking you to let me into your home with my kid? I guess I'm also putting my faith that God or whoever is up there in the Universe is going to lead me to where I need to go. I'm a good mom and I like to think a good person who is just being tested lately haha, I'm just taking things a day at a time and trusting that as long as I'm doing my best today, good things will happen and I'll land right side up :) So maybe you can help me? Maybe you can't but you have some advice or an idea? Just please don't be mean, I'm swallowing a ton of pride by reaching out and you can trust that no one is being harder on herself than I am in this moment... So just send me an email and we can go from there... thank you for reading this far and I hope you have some advice or help to give!
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    • Hit with poo!Homo Sign
    • Re: Craigslist Champs -5 June 2017
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    • This shit of searching out losers really makes you look small. Worse than them, actually.

      Seek help.
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    • Re: Craigslist Champs -5 June 2017
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    • . posted:
      This shit of searching out losers really makes you look small. Worse than them, actually.

      Seek help.

      fuck off Lib, I enjoy these posts.
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    • Re: Craigslist Champs -5 June 2017
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    • Some red flags here.

      Tired of being homeless (Killeen)

      Been homeless for almost two credit sucks but I work and am confident my $1900 month minimum should be enough. I have $1000 to move in, right now. My pregnant fiance, her daughter and I are more than desperate. Please text or call 512 230 7917 or you can call 512 548 6282 leave a message if we don't answer please. I've got $1000 ready we need a home today. Wanting to land somewhere around copperas cove area. No creeps, no perverts, no BS, no roommates we just need a home. Cheap rent is what we need. Thank you
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    • Re: Craigslist Champs -5 June 2017
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    • Her chances of finding a place will increase if she can "help". Ad has pic. Not bad.

      $100 Host a young artist to make their dream a reality (Austin, TX)

      Hey guys! My name is Paige Keane, and I am a young actor from Atlanta, GA. I am coming to Austin from August 2017 until April 2018 to participate in a project called the Interactive Deep Dive. Nine other artists and I are coming to Austin to take part in this nine-month training intensive. We are training from nine to five, Monday through Friday, learning improvisation techniques, interactive performance skills, and about story structure/writing. We are also developing our own interactive shows (we each have a play/performance piece we are developing), working on professional career development, and performing monthly shows for the community. That means you! If you haven't taken part in interactive theater, it's pretty incredible. Not only do you get to see a show, you get to be an active part (if you want). :)

      The only problem is due to the intensive nature of the project we are not able to work during the nine months. This means we have to have our expenses paid for before we arrive in Austin. This makes it difficult to afford housing. Right now I'm doing everything in my power to save money, but I am still in need of a low-cost space to live. If you would like to help, send me an email, and we will have a Skype call so you can get to know me better. :)

      A little about me:

      I have my B.F.A. in Acting from Brenau University, and I have lots of hobbies. I love to travel, explore the world, and meet new people. I speak Russian (B2 level), sing, do yoga, play guitar, and funnily enough I have a punny Christmas album that I made with my dad and my twin sister when I was in high school called O Christmas Where Art Thou. It's punny because my last name is Keane and we call it "We Three Keanes." :D I love music, and I'm sure you do too if you live in Austin.
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