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I wish someone would have turned your ancestors away. You wouldn’t be here.
The truth will soon be exposed and obummer will be in Gitmo soon. #QAnon
Betrayed????? Lmao. When you make an ally into your enemy, then you expect them to do as you say N not as you do???? Delusional til the end eh bud?????
Never claimed it was real, see my meme is funnier because he actually thinks people are bots
First, you must not have met many, if any, anti-Trump people. And second, I'd wager that unless they've been on a farm, they haven't fallen into a silo.
@IECSouthAfrica @IECStandards @ConveningSA @ANCYLhq what good does it serve 2 block @facebook @fbnewsroom @whatsapp after #electionhacking as tampering happens way b4 as per @realDonaldTrump 4closing on truth prevents progress @_AfricanUnion @OfficialSACC @SADC_News @creationilab â€¦
Whatcha Gonna Do? When Indifference becomes Deliberate, It's the most needy, the Weakest always pay the Highest Price,,, @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse It's not Rocket science @NASA It's herbal science... Even if it's not Your Cup of Tea! @elonmusk @jack â€¦
Yes signature Soros tactic! That did the same when they flooded Europe with fake migrants
SHIT HOLE @realDonaldTrump @The_Trump_Train TINY MUSHROOM PENIS HEAD IMPEACH SHIT HOLE Everyday more Republicans leaving and joining DEMOCRATS due to LYING SHIT HOLE RALPH THE MEXICAN رالف â€¦
More lies from @realDonaldTrump Job numbers at the end of President Obama’s time much better than now, with corrupt Trump. Insecure little man. Weak bullies usually fall back on lies when they know things aren’t going their way. â€¦
AG Rod Rosenstein is fuming over Trump proposed imminent release of FISA apps signed by him. YOU GAVE FISA JUDGE PHONY RUSSIAN DOSSIER IDIOT ! Donald Trump could release classified Carter Page and Bruce Ohr documents this week: 
Distraction from your disastrous presidency?
Thanks Obama!
That's not going to be enough these people are like a crazy mob! Get the military there to help the border patrol because they're going to need the extra support! These people just wanna come here to get FREE aid and I'm tired of paying for them!
Goodness...get it right
What's with this Venezuela threat, you learn something new in geography?
If there are kids in cages, find an image that dates between now and 2016 that shows a kid from Central America being kept in a cage, or a video in the same time span showing a kid being ripped from their parents.
He doesn’t take his salary, he donates all of it.