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Los EEUU quieren q hablemos claro pero cuando tenemos un foro nos ponemos filósofos. Diga estadidad, diga jibaro puertorriqueño, diga héroes de guerra y leales la lista del monumento, ellos no leen la lista de los q murieron en el 911? Eso es un merito?
Eski ABD Merkezi Haberlama Teşkilatı (CIA) Başkanı John O. Brennan, ABD Başkanı @realDonaldTrump yönetiminin Birleşmiş Milletler İnsan Hakları Konseyinden ayrılmasını eleştirerek, "Trump yönetimi, Amerika'nın müşfik ve adil imajını yerle bir ediyor."#DünyaMültecilerGünü
In the interest of transparency it would be nice to hear what mrs May has to say. I do want a laugh.
The narrative that there was no deal, Kim got what he wanted, and NK still has their nukes? Nah. Nothing's changed. @realDonaldTrump
@Harvard should get rid of Lewandowski as a Fellow at the IOP. Outright mocking of a disabled individual should not be tolerated - though Harvard did have examples of how Lewandowski would act - heck he is just mirroring @realDonaldTrump
@realDonaldTrump @GOP @HouseGOP I guess there will be no "Nobel Peace Prize", this may get the President to reverse course on this barbaric policy!!! Tick tock!!! â€¦
God I hate that man
She's crumbling under the pressure. We'll see what wins out with @realDonaldTrump: his childish stubbornness or his narcissistic desire to be liked & praised constantly. "Humanity" & "doing the right thing" are not part of the equation. â€¦
Free my people, free the kids! #freethekids @realDonaldTrump
@mrjamesob @ShelaghFogarty @IainDale @NickFerrariLBC Any chance someone could sit down with old Nigel before his show tonight and explain a)We in the UK don't agree with #ChildrensConcentrationCamps and b) He really shouldn't try so hard for @realDonaldTrump attention. #lbc â€¦
why tf are you comparing coming into a country for a better life to murder?? & no but the child should be put in a good home not a cage/camp/tent city???
Not one person in the tRump administration has ever visited these detention centers. It’s time for tRump to do this! @realDonaldTrump if you’re going to call yourself a leader, step up to the plate. You also have never visited any of our troops in war torn countries! Coward
Come on, Geraldo - usually you make sense. There is no abuse going on. Parents can take their kids to a port of entry, or they can not come at all. Or, we can give them the option to turn around and go back, with no charges.
@realDonaldTrump BEST PRESIDENT IN A VERY LONG TIME thank you sir for looking out for us the American people thank you again Mr President
@realDonaldTrump fuck you. you’re one sick human being for what you’re doing to these HUMANS, and degrading them by placing them in camps. We have children dying at schools because of guns and your coward self feels threatened by immigrants. You’re one joke of a president
I think you should walk out on stage on you next live broadcast with a broom Trump, and let them have fun with it. I think your doing a great job, keep it up. Make America Greater, the best it has ever been. Go Trump.
Did the left do anything that contributed to your dipshit Dad kidnapping children to use in extortion attempt to fund his wall?.. Please explain? This is all on him..
The Obama Recovery is Going Strong!!!! #ThanksObama #ThanksHillary
Stop being too obtuse to care about NOW. The fact is, those were unaccompanied minors. They WERE NOT BABIES. They were NOT a child with Down's Syndrome, or nursing infants, or toddlers in diapers. What is wrong with you? Are you even human?