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That is a good start - now let us hear from the other 95 Senators!!
Try he's lacking a moral compass, is a criminal in his business deals as well as a cheat, a conman and a white supremacist supporter.
How was my question
@realDonaldTrump u like to say that ur religious, try this & then try following the 10 commandments!!!
This Is So Sad!!! They Were Serving Our Country!!
Stellar always
LIBERAL GRAVE ROBBERS Protesters start to DIG UP body of Confederate general in Memphis 
He's a liberal dildo, obviously.
I agree. The woman who wrote the trump/assassination tweet needs to step down. Shameful.
Anyone with ANY, absolutely ANY defense of @realDonaldTrump is completely buying in to his racism, bigotry, and lies. #NotMyPresident
Who gives a fuck
Swamp creature
Let a 5th grader do a report on this for you. You do have Google right? You realize Bannon is not "Ask Jeeves"? Independent thought is good.
Maybe you could qualify for a city planner!?!?! Nah not even close.
What an awful thing to say! Where in the hell do you get your information; infowars, Sean, Rush, etc? The alt right had all of that!
@realDonaldTrump @DHSBWfootball @xfalconfootball @gburyfootball @cheshirelife Scoopski Potato: Scoopski Potato.