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i think you're looking beyond the obvious, the corruption he's engaging in, just because he pisses off the DEMS... He's as much a part of the Swamp as those who came before him... different schtick, that's all
Fuck no.
Where are "The Tears That Launched 58 Tomahawk Missiles"? >Once Sri Lanka or CIA locate Jihadist masterminds behind attack: Trump should fire 59 Tomahawk Missiles just to make statement to Islamic Terrorists worldwide: "DON'T F%CK WITH TRUMP NOR AMERICA!" â€¦
You’re a looney
Fake news@realdonaldtrump â€¦
I believe if you know the truth, you will support #S386/HR1044 and help us!
So, lord Fuher Trump knows all this because he has the best words, and knows more about military than real military people... so he’s totally going to say this out loud on television because it’s the truth right? #dareyou
This is a BIG, FUCK YOU TRUMP! #PresidentTrump @realDonaldTrump @POTUS Maybe if you give Putin a rim job w/ a handy he will put in a good word for you to, (what was it, Rocket man) who has already said fuck you. â€¦
By your admission, Obama knew of Russian meddling all the time, and then expelled those diplomats. This is the missing link.
You still hate the man because he did a good job. When you thought he would clear you you spoke about how good he is. Well, guess what? He did do a good job. Quit crying.
Okay Mr. 39% Approval Rating
You have shamed your family for generations to come.
Thank you for reporting the truth. I’ve been to the Texas Border 2 times for over 2 months. The crisis is real. It’s not just the people coming in illegally. It’s the human trafficking and the drugs coming into US. #BuildTheWall
Says who? Trump is packing the courts with far right judges who have hidden agendas like overturning workers rights, women’s healthcare rights, these are the real radical policies #Buttigieg2020
Obama knows he won a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE, Obama knows Trump doesn't rent space in his head, Obama knows how to read, Obama knows NOT to collude with Russia, Obama knows not to obstruct justice....shall we continue
No "Angry Democrats", investigation led by Patriotic Republicans. No crime called "collusion", it's a screenwriter invention. Your disciples will likely speak no evil about you, but those outside your cult of personality know better.
@SpeakerPelosi @LeaderHoyer @RepJerryNadler @RepCummings @RepAdamSchiff @RepMaxineWaters If @realDonaldTrump is not impeached, what happens I f he is re-elected?
Yes I just noticed the senator announcing money for national broadband, my understanding is that more drug rehabilitation is required. Reports we get down here are always bleak, but there is such beauty in WV also. I was there years ago when I backpacked around US & it was great.