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She got all the rights to do so, and she does it as you said. On lies... Imagine, one day you wake up in 1942, Anne Frank's home. A couple nazies show up, and ask you if you know or even hide any jews, because they will shoot them. So... What would you do?
Good luck Topo, nothing there!!!
Mr. President I believe in you, among millions of other Americans. It’s truly, disheartening to read others negative responses. Yes, we can agree to disagree though to exhibit such hatred is beyond me.#MAGA
Just found out that my Congressman @BradSherman lives in a gated community in Porter Ranch. Yes, you got that right, Mr anti border wall, lives behind a wall and gates. The hypocrisy never cease to amaze! #BuildThatWall @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @FoxNews @JesseBWatters
Another #russiantroll
It what happens when people vote for a sellout for Gov like Sisolak.
What a joke you turned into!
Socialism doesn't work.. We know it. Here in Brazil socialism is dying. We thank God every single Day God bless America, God bless Venezuela! Go away leftists!
Only an Ignorant Fool with no with no common sense, logic or ability to do unbiased research of their own could believe this was not an absolute abuse of power! Get past your rage against Trump and open your eyes. Someday this could happen to you!
The tariffs that @realDonaldTrump may impose on vehicles imported to the US would be just the latest kick in the teeth for carmakers battling cooling markets across the planet
Talk about social
The U.S. Constitution uses but does not define the phrase "natural born Citizen", and various opinions have been offered over time regarding its precise meaning.
25th Amendment
But Orange man is unable to speak United States properly. Any speaking classes in White House for the nincompoop?