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Why are you putting her grandmother in quotation marks?
"Those(such as yourself)who Yell the loudest have the most to hide They Want us divided "United We Stand Divided We Fall" you should Learn To Learn Don't Be A Follower Be A Finder Of The #truth Thank You @realDonaldTrump for #MAGA and #QAnon for #Q and thē ENTIRE Q-TEAM.
@realDonaldTrump @australian â€¦
Your president literally goes on vacation every single weekend and only didn’t go when the government was shut down and cried about it the entire time
Lets talk about Steve King and Steven Miller both are racist
@realDonaldTrump his es Supporters!! No one supports him without getting paid!! â€¦
I forgot conspiracy theorist as well...
In other words, if you believe @realDonaldTrump is a deal-making genius of some sort, you are very well deceived. #TrumpResign #ImpeachTrump #NullifyTrump
Lots of Jewish people support her!!
All of 500 people attended! That’s your record!
He actually made fun of a day supporter in NH. He has@the guy removes from the hate rally after he told him to go home and exercise. Then when he found out the guy was a supporter, he called him. And the guy said he still supports Trump. Go figure
@realDonaldTrump SPACE CRAFT INVENTED # SPACECRAFTLANDRIGAN, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO OWN ONE TO GO TO WORK IN one. park in your back yard, these ships are that perfect, it hovers no top speed, safe, goto the moon on weekends w/ space package. this is real we have the technology
@realDonaldTrump â€¦
Speaking as a new we don't want her in our homeland. She is not only disrespectful towards Israel but the US as well. These four young dems are so bad, older dems should be saying something to them. All they are doing is driving more voters away and helping the Republicans
@BrianKarem Will you also be suing Sarah HUCKALIAR Sanders for LYING to the American people on a daily basis? @SarahHuckabee
Prove it
Your America is infected with corruption by Your Obama! That alone is strangling and feeding. negative with ongoing horrible effects to our government! Trump doing well against corrupt liberal democrats &other enemies of! Trump will be your President 2020 and fighting f our !
Trump the trumpeteer can't help himself. He wants to bring down our democracy n be another Castro!