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Oh so now we’re down to “tremendous potential” for voter fraud? It used to be actual voter fraud so at least you’ve admitted you were lying about that. You being president has “tremendous potential” for being a complete cock-up, but we still let you do it.
This should clear up any doubt that Democrats fight to save lives while Republicans fight to end them.
@MorningsMaria Give @SenatorLoeffler lots of credit: she can lie with a straight face. Already filthy rich her & hubbies stock trades on classified info is greed at its worse. He runs the exchange; their trades set of an insider chain reaction. #MAGA @SenateGOP @TuckerCarlson
#DirtyDonnyDeath folks, your #HomicidePresident - hoping he can cling to power and avoid prosecution by making voting a life-threatening activity.
Go back to sleep
You know, they have approved medication for your condition. Even have some off label toxic stuff as well. Ask @realDonaldTrump about the second, and take whatever he picks.
Because Repulsivecans don’t know where to put the stamp.

Watch Comrade Cuomo take all the credit!
You are a racist.. If your focus here is race you are the one with the bias, not me.. I never mentioned race and you jumped right to skin color. Some time reflecting in front of a mirror (No pun intended) should be placed into your daily regimen as well as research..
Just heard @realDonaldTrump state that he hates #VoteByMail, but he voted by mail in the #FloridaPrimary. He then perpetuated the #Myth of #VoterFraud.

Try being a leader.....
Fake crooked don the con lies so much he can’t differentiate between his lies and the truth. It is all in your small mind that you think you do a good job. Our country is in chaos right now, you own that and your legacy will reflect how sick and horrible you
Look it’s Jeff Krassenstein! Any crypto currency party’s coming up?
How come the IRS knows who I am where I live and I never show them an ID? Funny
Anfang März hat Trump erklärt: Wir haben alles unter Kontrolle, der Virus wird einfach so verschwinden. Wir haben nur 15 Infizierte. Ende März erklärt Trump: 100.000 COVID Tote wären ein Riesen Erfolg für die USA. Den als Präsident.. ? Nein danke..
I mean what is to say that he wouldn't legitimately lose the election if people actually went to polling stations. But nah, let's just let them vote however they want through the mail, right?