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Poor deluded Tiedrich...your facial skin will be perfect for the Halloween Lampshade I've designed. It has 4 favorite Twitter American expatriots. You strike a nice contrast with like Pelosi or Lester Holt.
You don't lock a person up because they have an opinion different from yours Hillary "bothered to run" for president twice
kurdistan region president @IKRPresident meet with @realDonaldTrump president of USA at Davos.
Schools are surrounded by fencing and locked down during the day. Guess we are putting kids in cages there too .
Why can't you see what it is? Your being mislead and your the devil's advocate.
I’ve noticed that it seems the people who are the most trump@haters come from New York and California.
Abandonment of truth is at the heart of the strategy.
Bring on the Witnesses and Documents. Too scared of the truth. Not to worry. November we get rid of the trash in our White House and Clean up the Senate.
I’m embarrassed for u that the right to murder the innocent is the only example u have of the party u support not trying to control the population
"OK boomer" exists because of people (usually Gen X) saying "ugh millennials" to refer to all people younger than them. It's equally dismissive and ignorant. That's a part of the joke. â€¦

... says every con man ever!
So you're the guy who went down there and checked huh?
Hell no, my home town has more homeless then ever before, Trump has done great for big business but do to the fact that many retail giants have gone into bankruptcy since Trump took office leaving over a thousand honest hard working out of work in the last year and a half
Another deranged sense for justice Republican.
Accountability for all.
Retiring Trump? Nope I want to see him pay for his crimes, to include human rights abuse and murder. Anything less will be a perversion of our Constitution. Trump and his co-conspirators must be held accountable for their crimes. @GOP @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @TheDemCoalition