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Yep. Remember when he called you an awful person?? Running out of them “best” people??
You left out one little part, the Justice department watchdog found no evidence that they were destroyed intentionally and oh by the way, they were recovered. In other words, you're once again full of shit!
You sound desperate
This has nothing to do with faith, trust, and poor planning. It has to do with affordability. I can only assume by your negative comments that you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. It's not about a free ride... She earned it.
Fake tweet, fake facts. Hater!
oh if only there was a shred of humanity inside that giant orange body for this to affect him
The texts are evidence of corruption in the FBI, mueller witch hunt and DOJ. Perhaps you need a new news network before the hits the fan with the corrupt Mueller with hunt. Or are you so blinded by hate that you can’t see
If #FakeNews reported on America and @realDonaldTrump like @OANN does these great stories would be mainstream. â€¦
No border security you might as well do away with airport security as well. Both have been needed since 9/11. Like the Democrat's are welcoming another attack on American soil. Smh @ not learning a thing from 9/11..:(
.@realDonaldTrump This Vet should be Pardoned along with Sgt, Clint Lorance. If this is how you're gonna treat our Vets, why join the Military, just to turn around & be Executed or Imprisoned? & Obama's Rules Of Engagement need to be changed! â€¦
Just reported. Seriously. You gotta tell us where you getting this stuff from. What with you and Truth and Fact being really really distant relatives and all!
Russian spy Maria Butina pleads guilty in US court â€¦ 
Very ungracious of you, Mr. President.
That would be you #TheDonald @realDonaldTrump â€¦
Nothing stops the good citizens of muc or nys from giving their citizens free health care.
Please declassify already
Absolutely! Make that happen please President Trump!
Just to mention Clinton’s again sad fool